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Company Name HORIAKI CO., LTD.
Head Office 3-6-8 Nagatanaka, Higashi-Osaka City,
Osaka 577-8537, JAPAN MAP
Date of
October 8, 1954
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Executives President Takashi Hori
Senior Managing Director Shigeru Hori
Managing Director Osamu Hori
Director Futoru Kobayashi
Director Atsuki Yoshida
Auditor Kazuko Kitamura
Number of
Annual Turnover 9,160,000,000 yen (as of March 2021)
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation - Tsuruhashi Br.
MUFG Bank,Ltd. - Higashi-Osaka Chuo Br.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. - Funabashi Br.
The Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd. - Higashi-Osaka Chuo Br.
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. - Higashi-Osaka Chuo Br.
Main Business Activities The main business of Horiaki is the plan, development, manufacture, import and sale of packaging materials and devices, industrial/ agricultural/ fishery materials and gift wrapping materials.
Customers Packaging Material Industry, Agricultural Material Industry, Fishery Material Industry, Horticulture Material Industry, Construction Material Industry, Food Processing Manufacturers, Confectionery Manufacturers, DIY stores, Supermarkets, etc.


1948 The first president AKIRA HORI founded "HORIAKIRA SHOTEN" in OSAKA to start rubber band business.
1954 Established "HORIAKIRA SHOTEN Co., Ltd." as an incorporated company with a capital of 1 milion yen.
1965 Established FUKUOKA sales office.
1966 Changed name to "HORIAKI Co., Ltd." with an increased capital of 10 million yen.
1966 Established SHIZUOKA sales office.
1967 Established HIROSHIMA sales office.
1971 Moved Head office and OSAKA sales office to HIGASHIOSAKA-City.
1972 Established NAGOYA sales office.
1973Established TAKAMATSU sales office.
1976 Established KUMAMOTO sales office.
1979 Established TOKYO sales office.
1980 Established TOYAMA sales office.
1984 Established KAGOSHIMA sales office.
1986 Established OKAYAMA sales office.
1989 Established KYOTO sales office.
1991 Increased the capital up to 50 million yen.
1998 TAKASHI HORI took the position of president of the company.
2003 Established SAPPORO sales office.
2003 Aquired ISO 14001 certification.
2007 Established SENDAI sales office.
2009 Moved TOKYO sales office to UENO(TAITO-KU) in TOKYO as a main sales office.
2011 Started the production of plastic bags at TAKAMATSU factory for domestic market.
2018 Established OKINAWA branch office.
2019 Moved TOYAMA sales office to ISHIKAWA as KANAZAWA sales office
2021 Expanded OKINAWA branch office to OKINAWA sales office

Office and Factory

office and factory

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